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    Default Fulfilling Interlock Device Requirements from Two States

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Missouri and Kansas.
    I've been ordered to have the interlock device installed 6 months for Missouri (starting this month), and also1 year for Kansas (starting Sept), as I got a DUI last year in MO on a KS license. Is it possible to have the device installed for (and reported to) both states concurrently, so I don't have to do 6 months for MO, and then 1 more year for KS? Is there a company in Kansas City that will do this and would it be legal? I don't even need a restricted license for driving in KS, as I live in MO now and only need to drive in that state. The lawyer who represented me has no clue and is not returning my messages.

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    Default Re: Fulfilling Interlock Device Requirements from Two States

    If you are on probation in one of the two states, ask your PO about an Insterstate transfer. That way one officer monitors the conditions for both states.

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