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    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Tennessee

    My question is.....I was pulled over and found in possesion of cocaine only as a residue on a set of digital scales. I was then ordered a field sobriety test in which I passed. The officer asked when was the last time I had ingested cocaine and which I replied, "Two hours ago." My high was gone at the time and from my understanding, cocaine highs do not last that long anyhow. I refused a blood alcohol test and was also charged with implied consent. So in all I have a simple possession of schedule II, drug paraphernalia, DUI 1st offense and implied consent. I understand that any charge isnt a small charge but the one I am most worried about is the DUI. Is there any grounds to fight that charge seeing as I wasn't under the influence? Thanks in advance.

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    Just because you don't feel the effects, does not mean that you are not under the influence. Cocaine stays in your system for days. Simple and subtle differences in reaction time and thought process can be evident through actions hardly noticeable to you. You admitted cocaine use, there was resudue on the scale you were operating the vehicle. You should get a good lawyer.

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    So you’re a drug dealer, evidenced by the scale in your possession and you're most worried about the DUI. Wouldn't the possession charge be a felony? Either way you need a lawyer.

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    In some states even a miscue amount of cocaine is considered a felony where a dwi is considered a misdemeanor. If the dwi can get tossed and a reduction or a diversion for the coke might be possible,contact a local lawyer.

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