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    Default Can a Lender Hold Your Car Title After Payoff Due to Other Debts

    My question involves an auto loan or repossession in the State of: Nebraska

    I have two loans/debts with the same bank. The first one is a credit card debt with this bank. The second one is a car loan which was bought out by the same bank as my credit card now. I have been good about making my payments on time for my car loan to avoid repossession. But I am trying to settle the credit card debt and is now delinquient.

    Here is my questions:
    If I pay off my car loan, can this bank hold the title of my car since they own my second debt (credit card debt) untill I pay this off as well? Or will they mail me the title regardless of my credit card debt with them (same bank)???

    any advise is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you kindly,

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    Default Re: Car Title

    They can not hold your car title hostage if you pay off that loan no matter how much you owe on the credit card. If you were delinquent on the credit card and they got a judgement may the could lien the car further but that's unlikely.

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