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    Default Re: New York Social Services Tricked Me into Signing Blank Consent and Filled It Late

    The benefit, as you've explained it, is to cover certain bills. Those bills were covered.

    You are whining that, even though you received the full benefit, you didn't get to pocket a windfall at taxpayer expense. The sole basis for your belief that you are entitled to such a windfall, as of yet, appears to lie in your imagination.

    You are free to consult and attempt to retain lawyers to represent you. If you are serious about this, start doing so. Given that your case appears to have no monetary value, I would expect that any lawyer you find will expect to be paid by the hour.

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    Default Re: New York Social Services Tricked Me into Signing Blank Consent and Filled It Late

    Listen I came here to get legal feedback, to talk about something in legal validity and to understand what legal recourse I have if any.

    MrKnowitall, I respect your opinions but you seem more annoyed at the fact that I am getting something at the taxpaers expense.

    You keep mentioning I am trying to get a 'windfall', can you go back and read the form I typed in (my post #7), it's no windfall, but something which was already a part of the assistance which they are not taking out.

    The part which says hot to get a fair hearing said that I may be able to get a lawyer at no cost.

    Something else just came to my mind and if anybody can give me their feedback I would appreciate it.

    On the form (Post #7) can somebody read this part
    'I understand that at any point after twelve consecutive months of vouchering, I can request in writing that my vouchering cease.'

    They have that statement hidden in there pretty well. They even spell the word 'twelve' making it much harder to spot for somebody skimming the document.

    Now here is my question?
    Does this bind me for 12 months? I mean can I NOT request my vouchering to cease lets say in 2 months? Most timed contracts like a lease will have a start date, end date. Any feedback here would be helpful.

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    Default Re: New York Social Services Tricked Me into Signing Blank Consent and Filled It Late

    It quite clearly says "AFTER twelve consecutive months".

    Meaning you cannot request a cessation before those twelve consecutive months have passed.

    This is why one reads fully, and doesn't skim, documents.
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    Default Re: New York Social Services Tricked Me into Signing Blank Consent and Filled It Late

    Quote Quoting anon8000
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    Plus this is a government employee, so again it raises the trust level a little bit.?
    Wow. Wow. Wow. What a statement.

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