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    Default Denied Modification Hearing

    My question involves child support in the State of: Virginia

    This is an actual scenario of one man's situation. It is not my situation but I am involved and has first hand informantion and the documents. When I write I, it means he, for these are his questions.

    Can I be denied a hearing for modification to my child support orders because I owe arrearages? I can not find this in any law.
    When support was ordered I did not receive a copy of the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet that was filled out for the case. I knew the support was more than it should be based on information off the Virginia website for calculation of basic child support. I could not pay the amount and continuously fell behind on payments. The custodial parent kept me in court for arrearages. Missed lots of work because of it, just making the whole thing worse.
    Recently I requested and did get a copy of the guidelines worksheet that was used.
    The custodial parent included an amount for a monthly healthcare insurance and an amount for daycare expense of which I was ordered to pay 49.11%. The child has been on free government healthcare since birth, and the mother has worked very little.
    I have gone into the office of jdr court and requested to fill out a motion to amend or review order and have been denied due that I owe arrearages. Why are they doing this.

    I have also contacted child support enforcement, and because I do not have a case with them, they will not help me. I need some direction for a resolution of this. I fall farther behind each month and can not afford an attorney.

    I have also gone into the social services office and provided information to them that the female involved is not turning in all of her income. They said they are too busy, and that they amount of money would not put her over income guidelines. If I understand it correctly, the amount does not matter, it is supposed to be turned in, if not, it is fraud. I know they are busy, but if someone neglects to turn in $100, then they would not turn in $500. A liar is a liar and a thief is a thief.

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    Default Re: Denied Modification Hearing

    Please represent yourself as who you are. You're not your boyfriend, so when you refer to him it's "he".

    Ask your boyfriend if he's claiming that he was denied free services to assist him in his petition to modify support, versus being denied the right to bring such a petition on his own or with his own lawyer. I suspect that his failure to abide by the existing order disqualifies him from certain free services, not that he isn't able to bring a motion on his own dime.

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