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    Default This is in Reference to Targeted Individuals from 2010

    My question involves police conduct in the State of: It does happen to people who have worked in either law enforcement or other facets of government who either pissed someone off, irritated an agency, or blew the whistle on is not necessarily at the federal's been happening to me at the state level for decades and I, too, am in the west, though it happens all over the country not just in the West.....they blacklist you from getting decent jobs(or any jobs at that), discredit you, tell others you are insane and that you lie, tell people to stay away from you so you cannot have a personal life and pursue your personal and professional goals. It happens all the time....and it has nothing to do with public safety, that is the lie they pull to justify it, it has to do with getting "even". There really is no way to take legal action because those in on it are way too afraid to open their mouths that if they "come clean" the powerful ones will do the same thing to them. It is a very sad, unfulfilling way to live life, especially when you were one of them and they chose the dark side over you. They state the blue wall protects those who are working for them......not when you are a female and not sworn.

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    Default Re: This is in Reference to Targeted Individuals from 2010

    And your question is?

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    It's not just law enforcement of government...ANY employer can be leery of employing someone with a "reputation"...even if that reputation is based on heresay, misinformation, etc. Employees in ANY field who "piss someone off", "irritate", or "whistle blow" are often deemed to be problematic - and the problem is that, with some very specific exceptions to whistle blowing, employers have the absolute right NOT to hire, or even to FIRE, in most cases, employees they feel are likely to be red ants. With that said, however, if you can PROVE that information being given about your job performance is being outright falsified, then it's time to speak to an attorney.

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