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    Default Credit card fraud and credit theft

    i was caught using somebody else's credit card today. i am 19/m and i live in connceticut. i found the credit card at a store and drove to the closest gas station to see if it still worked, once i found out it was still active i drove to the mall to buy things... i went to foot locker spent about $300, I then went to my friend who i thought was trusthworthy and he works at a electronics store.. i baught a gamecube and some other items... about another $225... then i went to the place where i work! my job and baught some things there because i figured that i was going to go to one of my friends and he wouln't think twice about checking my ID... well i did just that and after my job went to another store in another town.. purchased two $250 gift cards and then went food shopping and spent about $150.. i spent a little over a thousands.. $1100 or something like that.

    i was stupid and used it at the place where i work! the cops showed up today and got the video and my manager ID'ed me in the transaction, the cops took me into the back room. they told me "we are conducting an investigation of a credit card that was used in a few places, and we have your name was the person using the card.. we are not going to arrest you now but your cooperation will help you out alot.." and they started to ask me the standard questions... "where were you that day" "who where you with".. etc. it was my "friend" who was at the electronics store gave my name (that bastard) and when the popo game to my job my manager was like "hey he works here.." so i was basically assed out at that point.. so i confessed to using it AT THE MALL... not in the other town.. my story is "i found the credit card at the mall and used it at the mall and then threw it out..." the police said they would contact me back and would not be making an arrest now... to further continue there investigation. they needed me to write a statement... so i did just that! they got my info and said they would call me! i told them i was willing to give back the items and pay resitution to put this all behind me! and wrote that in the statement. i then had to resign from work.. because my boss and i are long time friends.. and he said it was beter if i quit then to stick around and get FIRED. so i did just that... he gave me the company letter head and i wrote my letter of resign! and i left...

    so my questions to anyone who knows is..

    1. what are the felony laws dealing with credit theft?
    2. what are the consequences (being my 1st arrest! if any)
    3. what are the criminal/misdemenor laws if any in this case?

    i just want to pay this guy back his money... i can afford it and would do it in a heart beat! i would like to know what i should be thinking or what i should be doin? i need to know more about criminal law in credit card theft and how it would apply to me! thank you for ANY help!


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    Default Credit Card Fraud

    The charges you can face vary by state, and even within a state there are often multiple charges that can apply to the misuse of a credit card. The sentence a first offender is likely to face again varies by state or jurisdiction. You would benefit from consulting a local criminal defense lawyer about your situation.

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