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    Default How to Prove You Quit for Good Cause

    My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: Florida


    I was an associate at a gas station for just about a year. The first 2/3 of my employment things were great, however, there was a drastic shift in management and things started getting much worse. The environment went from openly and friendly to hostile, petty, and just overall negative. Come February of 2011 I had my hours slashed dramatically, to the point that I was only scheduled 8 hours a week. That same week, my manager told me after a store meeting that I was in danger of being fired if I did not "shape up."

    Now, after all of this I ended up resigning because I did not want to be involved with such lunacy. However, 3-4 months pass and I have been unable to find work, so I decided to file for unemployment, figuring that, at worst, all they could do was say no. Lo and behold I got approved and collected for a few weeks until I get a letter in the mail stating that my ex-employer was contesting my unemployment (almost TWO MONTHS after I started collecting) and that if I did not appeal and get a favorable ruling, I was going to be in debt to the Agency for that much. I found this unacceptable so I appealed and here I am.

    What I want to know is this; How do I argue this? I was told to "shape up" by the manager even after receiving a grand total of ZERO negative documentation in my year of employ, so keep in mind that they will basically have nothing negative to say about me.

    The paperwork I got in the mail today states that I must prove that I was "not fired for behavior issues and that I did not quit with out good cause."

    Also, what role does character play in all this? As in, how I present my self over the phone in this meeting, what I have to say for my self, and how well organized and thought out my arguments are.

    Thanks in advance, sorry for the wall of text,

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    Default Re: How to Prove You Quit for Good Cause

    On the basis of what you have posted, the only reason I can think of why you got approved in the first place is that the state was behind in the their investigations and approved everyone until they could get caught up. This would also explain why the delay in your employer's appeal; if I am right, it's not that they appealed two months later - it's that it took two months for the state to get the paperwork caught up.

    "Good cause to quit" is generally working and not being paid. Or being sexually harassed and management won't do anything about it. It does not, in any case I have ever heard of, mean being told to shape up or you'll be fired when you haven't gotten any negative reviews yet. I do not have a good feeling about your chances on appeal unless there is something major you have left out.

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