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    Unhappy Neighbor Disturbing the Peace, Vandalizing Property

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Maryland. Neighbor parking in my townhouse spot (buying, 2 spaces per house); got mad when I asked to move it and the fight was on. Filed disturbing the peace last year in January and went to court in May. Directed to mediation or null pro se. Mediation Order - no noise between 11pm to 7am. that was joke, he continues. Neighbor daughter scratching my car (repainted 2X). Called police today, did not see it, can't get police report. Police say there is nothing can be done. Installed surveillance camera - cannot get instrument on camera.

    Short of selling my home, what recourse do I have?

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    Default Re: Neighbor Disturbing the Peace, Vandalizing Property

    If you want to take action in court, you need evidence. We're not in a position to tell you how to collect the evidence.

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