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    Default Illegal Repo in Illinois

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Illinois
    I had gotten a Title Max loan a couple of months ago as this was my only resource to get a loan. Title Max has the loan on my car. I was one month behind in my payment and let the store manager know my circumstances. I got my payments caught up July 20, 2011. The Title Max manager told me there was a repo order for my car and she would cancel it right away. Last night, my car was repossed. My payments were current and I did not have a payment due again until next week. The repo man was not very helpful, and I understand he was only doing his job and had no choice but to take my car. This was done after Title Max had closed so I could not call and get it starightened out while the repo man was at my home. He told me that Title Max faxxes a cancellation on repo order when the loan is current again and said they never received the fax. This morning I called Title Max, and the manager told me she faxxed the cancellation order on 7-20-2011. She told me I could go pick up my car, at no cost to me. That was nice of here. However I had to take a taxi to get my car and it was 65 miles away. The taxi was costly and I could not go to work last night. I just got my job Monday and was on a probationary period for one month. Now I do not have a job because I could not get to work. They fired me. What are my rights, if any???? Who is at fault? Me, Title Max, or the Repo man. I read somewhere online that there is legal recourse in a situation as mine. I do not know who I am suppose to take to court though as Title Max says she done her job by sending the fax and states she has proof of the sent fax to cancel the repo. The repo company stands by what they done told me and that it was not received by them to cancel the repo. I felt like my car was stolen out of my drive way as I knew my payments were now current. If I went to the repo yard and took my car, I would have been arrested for theft, but how can they get by with towing a car that was current in payments. the Title Max manager apolgized profusely, however that apology did not pay for the taxi to get my car, or the gas to get home and it sure won't pay me a salary for a job I lost due to no transportation. Please Advise

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    Default Re: Illegal Repo in Illinois

    If the manager did her job, she did her job. We don't know how the problem arose. For all we know she followed company protocols to the letter and the repo service's fax machine malfunctioned or was out of toner. It sounds like the loan company is handling things reasonably under the circumstances - taking immediate corrective action as soon as they were made aware of the problem.

    You can try seeing if they'll reimburse you for your taxi fare, which appears to be the extent of your compensable damages in the event that you are able to identify any actionable negligence by any of the involved parties. It's not their fault you lost your job - even if public transportation is not available, and you have no friends who will let you bum a ride, taxis can transport people to work as well as to repo yards.

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