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    Default Divorced and Ex is Filing Bankruptcy on Joint Debt

    My question involves bankruptcy in the state of: Washington. My ex is filing bankruptcy ch. 7 or 11 (undecided) and one loan he will be adding is a joint loan he has with me (his ex-wife). I am concerned about my credit and how this will affect me. Will I be solely responsible for the debt in the eyes of the creditors? Specifically, this loan is technically set up as a "credit card loan", yet it is for two motorcycles and gear; which some creditors are considering it a "collateral loan" and therefore will not re-finance it. So, I'm wondering what my options are here... I would really like to save my credit, but this is a really unfair situation. (we do have it lined out in the divorce decree that he is responsible for "x" amount of debt for this loan; not sure if this helps).

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    Default Re: Divorced and Ex is Filing Bankruptcy on Joint Debt

    Unfortunately, you're likely going to be on the hook.

    The creditors aren't party to your divorce decree; if your ex discharges the loan they're going to come after the co-signer (you).

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