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    Default Heroin Possession Charges After an Overdose

    My question involves criminal law for the state of:Massachusetts

    I ODed 2 days ago. My friend called 911. I got narcan and woke up in the albumence. Police didn't come to the hospital, nor contact me once I left hospital. Police did find bag of heroin and took the legally possessed firearms I had stored at home. Told my friend my gun license would be revoked.

    I guess I'm waiting for a court summons in the mail. I was never arrested, but one cop told my friend I'd be charged with a class A possessionbecause they found the baggie with about 2 grams. I don't know where I stand! I have a spotless record.

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    Default Re: Heroin Possession Charges After an Overdose

    You should discuss with a local lawyer whether you might qualify for a deferred sentence as a first time drug offender (assuming you are one).

    Meanwhile, consider rehab.

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