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    Default Change of Representative Payee for a Minor

    My wife was named as representative payee for my son. We were seperated for a time and upon our reconsilation my mother refused to let us have our son back. We are involved legally and are in the court prcess. My mother went to ssdi and had them change the representative payee to her for my son. SSDI says she filed custody papers and they can not show them to me or my wife the former rep payee. They also state we cannot appeal? What can we do here? Can she get custody without us being notified or served court papers?

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    Default Re: Confused by SSDI

    SSA has nothing to do with custody.

    You need to find out what exactly your Mother filed, and when.

    Why is your son with your mother to begin with?
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    Default Re: Confused by SSDI

    she filed an emergency order for custody along with a restraining order. She has him because he went there for the weekend and she refused to let him come home due to our reconsiliation. She hates my wife and has for years, she caused the breakup to begin with, says wife is unfit! SSDI stopped my sons benefits because she filed to be his representative payee. SSA says because she has custody papers and lives there and I can not appeal.

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