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    Default Allegations of Sexual Molestation Over 40 Years Ago

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Indiana
    My step sister alleges that my brother molested her when she was 12 years old. He was 16 at the time. She is threatening to file suit/charges against him--she hasn't specified whether she intends criminal or civil charges. If it happened, it was over 40 years ago in Indiana. She now lives in Michigan, my brother is in Indiana. Does she have any legal recourse?
    The allegations and threats started recently after she found out that my dad (her step father) willed the family farm to my brother. She has started sending my brother threatening letters and harassing the rest of the family. She has always been evil and greedy. I think She knows my brother has money and she wants it. She is lying, however, if she goes public with these charges, it would ruin my brother. It is black mail but is that a legal issue? Can he file defamation/slander charges against her?
    Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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    Default Re: Allegations of Sexual Molestation Over 40 Years Ago

    The statute of limitations ran out long ago even if a crime was committed.

    If she says things that aren't true... that could be actionable. If I was your brother, I would have a very nice attorney draft a very somber yet targeted letter to sis threatening all kinds of nebulous yet terrible legal actions if she persists.

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    Default Re: Allegations of Sexual Molestation Over 40 Years Ago

    Make sure your brother, and the rest of your family, keep any and all letters, texts, emails, voice mails, etc your step-sister sends. They could prove useful in the future if she keeps up the harassment and threats. He shouldn't answer her phone calls...just let her rage to the answering machine so he has a record of it. If she continues, your brother should consult an attorney that can "discuss her options" with her. If that doesn't work, he should call the police and they can give her more "options".

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