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    Default My Boyfriend Moved Out and Left Me with His Bills in My Name

    My question involves personal property located in the State of: Alabama

    My boyfriend moved out and took the tv that was in my name. He paid mostly for it but now I'm receiving extended warranty payments in my name for it. I was told by the company I have to pay for it for 2 months then pay the contract termination fee which she has no idea what it is. How can I get this money from him?

    Another question...
    He bought me a laptop and a kayak both in his name but they were gifts. Does he have the right to take them back?

    Please help he says he's sending the police over for the stuff but it was a gift or I want to at least keep it till he pays me the money he owes me.

    If he's gonna be this way I paid for a part for his car that he is fixing up and doesn't drive (not his usual transportation) can I get that back because I paid for it to be rebuilt?

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    Default Re: My Boyfriend Moved Out and Left Me with His Bills in My Name

    If your boyfriend owes you money and won't pay, you can sue him in small claims court.

    If you have items that are in your possession and were unconditional gifts to you, they are yours. If he wants to claim that they're his, he can sue you for their value or try to obtain their return through the courts.

    If you tell the police, "I'm holding the items until he pays me money he owes to me," you can expect that you'll completely undermine your claim that the items are yours and, at best, have the officer instruct you that you have no right to hold his property hostage.

    You're not going to be able to pull parts out of his car.

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