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    Unhappy Seller Claims She Smogged Car, but It Won't Even Pass

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: I bought a used car last week. The woman who sold me the car said that she had it smogged. I asked her for the paperwork on it, but she guaranteed me that she did it. I was told that DMV would have it on file. I went to DMV and paid for the registration but was told there was no record of the smog being done. Come to find out when I tried to have it smogged, it wouldn't pass. Now all the mechanics I've spoken to say that legally the previous owner is responsible for making sure the car passes smog up to 90 days prior to selling. Is this true and what can I do? I've tried talking to the previous owner and she says that she had it smogged last year, and has never heard of any laws requiring her to do so. She is not willing to work with me. This has turned into a large expense to repair the necessary repairs in order for it to pass smog. I can't even register it without the smog. I feel that the previous owner is responsible to help take care of the cost of repairs to pass. After all she did not follow the proper protocol before selling. Should I take her to SMALL CLAIMS COURT????? What are the laws on smogging before selling?

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    Default Re: Seller Claims She Smogged Car, but It Won't Even Pass

    This is California? Read this.

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