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    Default Dealing with Mortgage Companies on Short Sell After Discharged

    My question involves bankruptcy in the state of: I was trying to do a short sell thinking that it was the only thing I could do so that the 1swt and 2nd mortgage would not come after me for the difference after the foreclosure. When I filed chapter 7 I told my attorney that I wanted to keep my home. So I did not think it was in the filing. He stated today that he always list the mortgages and that I have not affirmed the loans and I am really not sure what that means. I could not catch up on the payments so I decieded to try a short sell. My attorney told me to just walk away they can not do any thing to me, I want to know id this true and how do I make sure this is so. I am in Colorado thank you for your help

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    Default Re: Dealing with Mortgage Companies on Short Sell After Discharged

    Listen to your attorney. If you did not reaffirm the debt it was discharged. Lender gets the property back and cannot go after you for a dime. Short sales are stupid. Walk away.


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