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    Default Must You Reimburse Insurance Company After Settlement if Repair is Done for Cheaper

    I live in Connecticut and was involved in an accident that was my fault. My car had extensive damage and the insurance adjuster valued it at $8k. Insurance company wrote a check for $7500 ($8k - $500 deductible).

    Meanwhile, my truck has been at possibly the shadiest Chevy dealer around. First, he went ahead and started to work on my car before even giving me a quote. He claimed I authorized the work when i signed a paper when i first came in. The only thing on the paper was to report previous damage before they started work. I signed this paperwork several days before the insurance adjuster even arrived.

    I had my reservations about this guy from this beginning but he keeps the lies flowing. When i told him i wanted to take my vehicle elsewhere because i could get it done cheaper he told me it'd be insurance fraud if i didn't reimburse the insurance company for the difference between his price and the cheaper price. I doubt this is true, but could someone confirm?

    He is claiming i'm liable for all the parts he ordered too. I wanted to see a price list for the parts because i was willing to pay his invoice price, not his marked up price he claimed he was selling them to me with no markup. I highly doubt dealers don't mark up parts in their quotes.

    EDIT: In addition, the guy wrote down my mileage on his sheet as 76,837. There is close to 186,000 miles on the vehicle. I called the insurance adjuster and asked him what he had for mileage and he said he didn't know because there was no power to the instrument panel. There most certaintly was. I wouldn't be surprised if the mechanic disabled it, under reported mileage to the insurance company so they wouldn't total the vehicle so he could get $8k worth of work out of it.

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    Default Re: Must You Reimburse Insurance Company After Settlement if Repair is Done for Cheap

    I cannot see your settlement agreement with your insurance company from here, but my guess is that you agreed to accept $7,500 as satisfaction in full for any and all claims relating to the accident, and released them from any further obligation, with no impetus on you to take any specific action.

    Even if the mechanic were right that the insurance company would want money refunded if you obtained a repair for less than the amount of the settlement - and I doubt that's actually required by your settlement - you would be free to fire him (subject to his lien for work performed) and have the repairs completed elsewhere.

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