My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Iowa

First post, and I think it's a doozie. (Finally posted after months of lurking). Thanks for all your valuable insight. Quick and dirty.......

Got FMLA (12 weeks/intermittent leave) in March of 2010 for a heart condition. In February of 2011, I found out my supervisor was questioning my co-worker (and roommate) about where I was that night, and why I called in. Filed complaint with Management.

Renewed my FMLA on April 1st. On April 3rd, called in for FMLA. Was questioned and fired on May 3rd. One of the reasons stated was that they looked at personal time I had taken in early April, and that my FMLA was suspiciously close to those dates. They had absolutely no proof of FMLA misconduct beyond that.

I should also note that my personnel file was fairly clean, and had zero write ups in the time stated to my termination.

In the TWO following unemployment hearings they stated that a reason for firing was that my FMLA call-in was suspiciously close to my vacation time. Both these were legal hearings and transcribed.

So now, I have heart failure and no insurance or job. I know this almost sounds like a fake post because it seems to good to be true for a legal fight. Thoughts?

Again, thanks. I appreciate the replies in advance.