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    Default Emotional and Physical Abuse

    My question involves restraining orders in the State of: NY

    My wife is extremely jealous and has been verbally abusive for 15 years.
    Lately she has also become physically abusive by hitting me and pinching me.
    She keeps saying she will change but seems to have issues stopping this behavior.
    I see its going down hill, but want to protect my rights with kids and property.
    I am thinking of calling 911 when this happens again because I am fete up and want it on record.
    If I do this, what are my legal rights, and can I call the police to put this on record for future actions?

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    Default Re: Emotional and Physical Abuse

    If the crime of domestic violence (hitting/pinching) is occurring, police are the proper authority to investigate crimes and enforce laws - and this includes the power and even the responsibility to make an arrest if probable cause exists - even if arrest is not what YOU want to occur. Once domestic violence is reported, where the case goes and how it plays out depends on the exact circumstances. You should be aware that when you report domestic violence in a household where there are children, the ante is "upped", in that should future incidents occur, or a restraining order is put in place (either a civil order that you request from a civil judge, or an order placed by a judge in a criminal case), that the case can easily end up on the radar of child protective services if violence continues to occur around the children. In other words, once the can of worms is open, and the courts have reason to believe that violence is/has occurred, the court expects you to continue to protect the child(ren) in question in accordance with any restraining order and to continue to report any future incidents in the interest of keeping the children out of a violent environment.

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    Default Re: Emotional and Physical Abuse

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    My question involves child support in the State of: New Jersey
    I have a 20 year old whom is a full time student and has 2 part time jobs. I have not done anything to adjust the child support.
    Can I request an adjustment or request to terminate child support?
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    My question involves a marriage in the state of:NY
    My wife is telling me that she is leaving with my kids. 8 yr, 12 yr, 13 yr old.
    What can I do to protect my rights if she is to leave with no consent?
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    My question involves a marriage in the state of:New York
    My wife and I have come to an agreement to separate in the same house for a while.
    If it does not work out she says she is leaving.
    If she leaves with the kids or without the kids...., What are my rights to the kids and the property? What can I do now to protect my rights?
    Lot of posts that discuss protecting your assets, that is for sure...

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