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    Default What is Considered Mortgage Fraud

    My question involves a mortgage in the state of: Wisconsin

    I have a few questions that I would like to ask about possible mortgage fraud. I tried looking on the net for information regarding this specific issue, but all of the information I found was pretty ambiguous concerning falsifying one's marital status.

    1. Is it considered mortgage fraud if you lie about your marital status to your mortgage lender (claiming to be either "a single man, or a single woman" when in fact you are married)?

    2. If this is illegal, what would be the consequences for committing this type of fraud?

    3. Finally, what could it possibly benefit someone to this?

    Thanks for any help clearing this up.

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    Default Re: What is Considered Mortgage Fraud

    If somebody deliberately misleads a lender about their marital status, that could potentially constitute fraud. We don't know the facts. We don't know their motives.

    If the lender does not know about a spouse, the lender would not know to take appropriate steps to have the spouse consent in advance to cooperating with any foreclosure that might become necessary.

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