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    Question Severance Package or Unemployment Benefits

    My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: Georiga
    I currently am employed full time by a government agency that
    has to do layoffs and my position is being eliminated. I also have my own
    LLC partnership that has had some revenue for the past 2 years but not
    enough to sustain me or my partner as a full time job. Neither of us have
    ever taken a salary from the LLC.

    My full time employer will allow all affected employees to receive
    unemployment benefits. Will I however still be eligible for these benefits
    even though I have a small business that brings in revenue?

    I need to know fairly quickly because we have the option to take a severance
    package or apply for unemployment.

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    Default Re: Severance Package or Unemployment Benefits

    I suggest confirming with your accountant that you are operating your LLC lawfully. An LLC cannot run itself, and if it is somehow generating income with no employees that's going to look awfully fishy if it gets audited.

    If you have earnings from a second job, you report the earnings to UI and you receive a reduced benefit depending on how much you earn.

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