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    Exclamation Negative Comments About Me

    My question involves defamation in the state of: Rhode Island

    I have a woman that is contacting HUD, SNAP, and my landlord in regards to me in a negative manner. Telling them lies, and causing me to have to defend myself for no reason. She wants me to lose all assistance I worked for over 7 years to obtain in a upfront, above board, legal manner and can't afford to lose. I am a disabled female, it's Saturday afternoon and can't obtain a restraining order until Monday morning. Can I have her arrested for these actions that occur prior to be obtaining a restraining order? I am also worried about her trespassing on my residence and causing possible harm to my property. Please help as soon as you can! Thank you.

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    No you cannot have her arrested for badmouthing you, even if it is false. Nor can you restrain her from exercising her right of free speech, other than a possible civil action if she crosses the legal line into defamation. And that would require filing an expensive lawsuit from which you may or may not collect damages.

    A restraining order can only require her to stay away from you, and at best you would only get a temporary order on Monday if you swear under oath she is an immediate danger to you. However, you will then be required to face her in court to prove such an allegation. Otherwise the temporary restraining order will be dropped.

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