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    Default Car Towed from Apartment Community Due to Expired Tag

    My question involves towing laws for the State of: Florida - Miami-Dade County

    My car was towed (by a private tow company) this past weekend from a guest spot while visiting something at their apartment complex. I was properly parked in a guest spot. The guest spots are labeled 48 hours max, I parked at 1am, my car was towed at 3:05am (towing receipt states this)

    Reason for tow: expired tag. My tag had been expired and I had received I believe two warnings previously in the form of annoying stickers left on my window which were left over the span of 3 weeks. Again, my car moves everyday and is never there an extended amount of time and is always properly parked in a guest spot. The stickers have check boxes and the "other" box was checked and a written explanation stating "expired tag". Each time the sticker stated the car would be towed "on or after" a specific date. There was no warning on the sticker about how many stickers I was to receive before this happened, so I assumed as long as I moved my car every 48 hours, I would not be subject to tow. I dont live there, so my car was only there a few days a week and always in a different spot and never for more than 24 hours. Upon being towed I asked the security guards how many I was supposed to receive before being towed. I was told on the third time, they tow. I was told by the property manager they can tow after the first warning if they want to and that the security guards were incorrect. The community by-laws state neither.

    I obtained a copy of the community by-laws through the tenant that I visit there and in the parking section there is NO mention of towing, NO mention of expired tag being not allowed. They only mention that you cannot store an inoperable car in a guest spot and cant make repairs to a car unless in an emergency. That is it, its very brief. No mention of stickers, how many you will receive before a tow, nothing. I also requested the parking rules directly from the community manager - they state the same brief rules.

    I have read Florida state towing law, and its still a little hazy to me which is why im here. I also believe there is no towing sign anywhere on the property - I had to goto the management to find out where to get my car back from (I believe a sign is required as per Florida state law).

    I have since taken my car out of tow and have renewed its registration. Towing alone was 200 dollars. If anyone can help me out here with this I would really appreciate it, this money was supposed to go towards school this fall and now im out 200 bucks :/ Thanks in advance everyone

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    Default Re: Car Towed from Apartment Community Due to Expired Tag

    You're a guest, not a tenant?

    Exactly what is stated on the signs governing parking in the lot, and exactly where are the signs located?

    Your car was towed by whom - a private towing company, a police agency... ?

    You apparently parked in this lot with some frequency and you have been repeatedly warned about your expired registration? Including that your vehicle would be towed if you kept parking it with expired registration? Why do you believe you were entitled to ignore those repeated warnings?

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    Default Re: Car Towed from Apartment Community Due to Expired Tag

    Expired tags in Florida cause a vehicle to fall under the "junked and abandoned" definition used by most cities and counties - and those ordinances apply regardless of any additional restrictions the apartment complex may have. If that expired tag is visible on a vehicle either on a public street or in an apartment complex parking lot (ie the vehicle isn't in a garage), then it's generally subject to tow.

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