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    Default Ex-Employer Contesting Benefits

    My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: New York

    I left my previous employer three months ago due to stress caused by harassment of my manager. The details I had provided to the state was deemed sufficient enough for me to begin collecting unemployment benefits.

    However, I have received a letter today that my employer is contesting my eligibility for benefits, stating that I gave no reason for leaving. This is entirely untrue, as I had received two forms of an exit interview - one from manager and one from human resources.

    In any case, I will need to attend a hearing and am unsure what to expect or how to prepare. What will I need to present at this hearing? Based on the letter, is it that I will have to prove my reason for leaving at this hearing? What are the chances of my winning the hearing? Will I need any form of legal representation?


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    Default Re: Ex-Employer Contesting Benefits

    Exactly what do you mean by "The details I had provided to the state was deemed sufficient". If there has been no hearing on your petition, odds are the state hasn't even looked at your offered reasons.

    If you have a hearing on your resignation, you will present whatever evidence you have that you believe justified your resignation and substantiates that your employer knows why you quit. As we have none of the relevant information or evidence, we're not in a position to assess your chances.

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