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    Default Is it Theft if an Employer Stops Issuing Paychecks for Hours Worked

    My question involves employment and labor law for the state of: MN

    The owner of my bar (X) and his business partner (Y) are in an ownership dispute. X, who is the holder of the account that our paychecks come from, has decided that he no longer will pay us as he believes that Z should be paying us. Z refuses as per their pre-existing arrangement. Either way, we have not been paid in a month. Before this, Z was also shaving hours off of the hours we'd worked. All of this can be proven by our sign-out chits. Can Z (or Y, for that matter) be arrested for theft for not paying us and for shaving hours from our checks?

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    Default Re: My Boss Has Stopped Issuing Paychecks for Hours Worked- Can He Be Arrested for Th

    No. No one is going to be arrested for theft. But if you file a wage claim with the state of MN, you can get your pay.

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