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    Default Accidentally Walked Out with Lunch

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Ohio. I worked at Walmart and had clocked out for lunch. I was well over an hour late getting to lunch and was hungry and in a hurry. I got some chicken from the deli and hurried all the way back across the store to grab my drink and go eat. Along the way to the door, I was stopped and asked a question by a coworker, grabbed my drink, and my cell phone text rang all at the same exact time. I got the drink, and answered the coworker while checking the test at the same time I walked out the door. I had money in my pocket to pay for lunch but in my hurry, forgot about it. I even took a bite on my way through the store. Very soon, security came and got me, took me to the "holding area," accused me of stealing $5 in chicken (it was actually $2.50), fired me, and had already called the police. They had me arrested. At no time did they bar me from the store or even broach the subject. I offered to pay for it but they refused. The officer thought the entire situation was ridiculous and told me to to fight the charges. I have zero record of anything bar a speeding ticket 30 years ago. i'm 61 and floored. What should I do?

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    Default Re: Accidentally Walked Out with Lunch

    so, since you did steal the food and didn't even remember to pay for it after your lunch was over and you weren't so hurried, why?

    Since you are being charged, hiring an attorney might be a great idea.

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