Hey there, rear-ended a car on the freeway. These are the facts:
This is in Washington State by the way.

I was not insured. He says that he was, but he would not show me his driver's license or insurance policy since we were both on the freeway, and he wanted us to get off of it. I showed him the information that I had. We agreed to settle this privately. I requested at least three estimates, and he only produced one. That estimate charged for crazy things like tinted windows and leather interior.....things that were not affected by a fender bender. He wants me to pay him $4,500. I never signed anything, but I have payed him $1,225. I did a lot of researce on the bluebook value of the car (which was a '91 acura legend) and the parts and paint required to fix the thing, and i found it for much cheaper. My question is, what can he do? It's almost been a month since the accident and he has no accident report, police report, witnesses, or pictures. Will his insurance even accept a claim if there's no police report? If a police report is made, is it admissable in the investigation/court even though the officer wasn't at the scene? How can I be accuartely faulted when there's no documentation of the accident? Please advise.