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    Default I Want Custody of My Grandchildren

    My question involves child abuse or neglect in the State of: Iowa
    My grands are constantly homeless. The two older children do not attend school regularly. They are covered in ringworms. They don't get medical,vision or dental care. They're on welfare & get free medical I don't understand. The kids look malnurished. The kids are dirty & smelly. The mother is an alcoholic & drug user. She drinks & drives with the kids in the car. She has no license. The two youngest kids don't have car seats. The kids don't have anything! Their mother has been arrested multiple times! I live in another state. I have received calls of concern about my grands. I have called Child Protective Services several times. They have sent me letters confirming abuse & neglect. I'm a young working grandma & I want those kids. I'll take care of them. The mother will not volunteerly give me the kids. They're her source of income.
    Where do I start?

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    Default Re: I Want Custody of My Grandchildren

    So CPS have investigated and found no grounds to remove the children?

    If that's the case, you have no standing to get custody. Even if you had standing, the State would be very reluctant to let you relocate the kids to another state outside of their jurisdiction.

    How do you know all of this if you live in another state, btw?

    What proof do you have of anything?
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    Default Re: I Want Custody of My Grandchildren

    Where is the father, and is he legally established as the father?

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    Default Re: I Want Custody of My Grandchildren

    Thank you for responding. Child Protective Services has confirmed my complaints that's my proof. I moved her down here with me 6 yrs ago she was homeless then & the kids hadn't been in school. Would it matter if I lived in the same state? "Founded" is a social worker finding the complaint to be valid. Couldn't the state that I live in pick up the jurisdiction? All of the fathers are serving sentences. 3-father's all duing time. Isn't it against the law to abuse & neglect chlidren? What has to happen before an intervention takes place? The facts are the facts all can be confirmed. Laws are laws but nobody seems to be enforcing them. In Iowa its against the law for kids not to go to school. It's against the law not to take sick kids to the doctor, it's called neglect. I see kids dying daily & Child Protective Services are aware there was a problem yet nothing was done. How do I get Child Protective Services to enforce the law? Somebody has to stand up & fight for these kids. I'm ready to fight for the cause I just need some help.

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