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    Default Grandparent Left Grandchildren Out of His Will

    What can be done when the next of kin wich are two grandchildren my brother and I are left out of there granfathers will? Just 6 months ago My grandfather 94 years old who was confused about what was the write thing to do , had his will changed becouse his last daughter past away 2 years prior. My grandfather decided to leave my deceased mothers 2nd husband not our father everything problably thinking this man would eventually leave it all to us one day . Now granted this man used to be my stepfather. He is no longer a relation to us or bloodline he is also getting married to this new women just 2 years after my mom dies this man has been nothing but a swinlding snake. My brother an I belive the man snaked his way into our granpas life all because he just wanted his money .
    Not to mention when our mother passed she had no will and so this man got everything and did not spare a single dime to us to this day. We know he was after our granfathers money and belive he knew our grandfather to be confused and forgetfull at the age of 94 when he got my grandpa to change the will. My brother and I belive we have been pushed aside and forgotten about.
    I would talk to my grandfather but he is not in a correct clear state of mind write now in the hospital. Just as I belive during the last 6 months he has not been clear enough to make sound desicions.
    Now I see if he were younger in his 60 70 even 80s. But with him being 94 and changing his will at a time when his mind is not so clear. What avenuse can I pursue with my brother on my side and many other two? Is there legal action I need to take there laws to protect family from this sort of thing from happening ? Much advise is needed thankyou.

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    Default Re: Grandpa leaves grandkids out of his will.

    Your grandfather is still alive? Who helped him change his will? Who hired the lawyer who wrote the new will? Were you named as a beneficiary before the change?

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