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    Default Verbal Agreement

    At the end of March we decided to look for a new place to live. Our Lease was up at the end of April. SO, at the end of march we contacted our landlord and said we want to send him a written notice that we are leaving but not sure when we would be leaving. We wanted to know how he would like us to word the written notice of leaving. OUr landlord then went on and on about how good of tenates we were and that we didnt need to give him written notice.

    We did not find anything in the month of April and then called him again and he agian said how good we are yadda yadda and that we didnt even need to call him anymore to just let him know when we are leaving.

    SO, we found a place and called him on May 27th to say we would be out on June 5th. And the landlord then said he would NOT prorate our rent for June because we did not give him written notice. After he said 2 times we did not need to becasue we pay our rent and what ever else smoke he was blowing up our butts.

    So now for my question, how binding is the verbal agreement that the landlord made with us that we do not have to give him written notice to just keep in touch....which we did. We have proof of our first call wich was 8 minutes long of the convo, dont know if that means anything.

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    Default Providing Notice

    If the landlord denies receiving the notice, it will be up to you to convince any court which hears the dispute that you did in fact provide notice which was accepted as adequate by your landlord. Whether a court would believe you or the landlord is not a question I can answer.

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