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    Default Responsibility of Dog Owner to Reimburse Worker's Comp

    My question involves workers compensation law for the state of: California

    Is a dog owner responsible to pay off the worker's compensation insurance expenses if the dog owner is technically not at fault?

    Situation: A German Shepherd was being walked by its owner (off the leash) at a local field (which also gets used by a High School during PE classes) when a class of PE students with their teacher came out, the German Shepherd from excitement, ran towards the students and teacher but DID NOT BARK OR BITE ANYONE AT ALL. Being a pure healthy full size breed, the students got scared by its size yet once again, the German Shepherd did not react in any harmful way at all to harm anyone. The German Shepherd was just circling the students and their teacher. At the point, the teacher being a pet owner herself and not being scared of dogs at all, decided to go and grab the German Shepherd by its leash collar in order to hold the dog in place. Doing so quickly and not looking carefully to recognize it was a pinch (metal) leash collar, the teacher got a deeper (stitch required) scratch on her finger. Teacher report to the owner, school, and worker's compensation insurance the same story that it was not the dog's fault at all, he did not harm anyone, he did not bark, he did nothing bad but circle us from excitement, yet it was just my unawareness of the dog having a pinch collar at the time that caused my injury.

    Now months later, the worker's compensation insurance for the school is trying to come after the dog owner for the medical expenses incurred by the teacher and her injury in regards to the German Shepherd.

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    Default Re: German Shepherd Incident

    When the German Shepherd owner reported this incident to his or her homeowner's insurance and/or attorney, what did they say her liability was?

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    Default Re: German Shepherd Incident

    That's another way of saying, turn the claim over to your homeowner's insurance and let them deal with it.

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