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    Question Ex-Parte Order Revoking Visitation

    Two years ago my ex wife filed for an ex-parte in order to revoke my visitation rights with my daughters. She did this becasue i was admitted into a behavioral health clinic for 12 days due to a pretty severe nervous breakdown. I am fine now and have been fine for a long time. WE talked a lawyer recently, who wants over $3,000 to take on the case. I cannot afford a lawyer at all, but wanted advice. He would not offer me any advice other than he could take on my case. he told us it was an ex-parte, and that he doesnt understand how she can still have it in effect. Upon further researching online about Ex-Parte's i realized it is supposed to be temporary, and it cannot be a permanent order until the other party can be in trial (which would be me) I knew i couldnt afford a lawyer then and i know i cant afford one now, and legal aide is of no help. My ex wife rarely lets me see my girls and when i do its for 30 minutes-1 hour each visit and she demannds that her and her husband "supervise" the visits. I don't know what to do, can anyone help? We live in Ohio. Thanks!

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    Default Re: An Ex-Parte Order Revoking My Visitation

    File to get a regular visitation order. In order for the court to refuse all further visitation, Mom would have to articulate that you still represent a threat.

    Go down to the court-house and ask for a packet containing parenting time forms. Fill them out, pay the filing fee and go from there.

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    Default Re: An Ex-Parte Order Revoking My Visitation

    Thank you for the information.

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    Default how to revoke guardianship

    In 2006 I was reported to CPS by someone saying that I had no utilities or food in my house for my two children. They came out and investigated and found the charges to be in fact false. Due to another case long before with my ex husband they requested I take some parenting classes and anger management. I was not able to pay for the classes myself and told them this. They said the only way they could pay for them is for me to sign guardianship of my kids to my dad and step mom then they would be able to pay for them. I did this and they backed out of the deal so now for the past 5 years my dad and step mom have been telling me that I am not allowed to have the kids back per CPS. I called CPS and they say I have no open case with them and that they do not need me to do anything for them and that they cannot help me. I feel shafted and ashamed that I let my dad pull the wool over my eyes for so long. How would I go about revoking the guardianship of my kids so they can come home where they want to be?

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