My question involves medical malpractice in the state of: Minnesota

25 m 6'1 345lbs in November
So mid November 2010 I went to my clinic with nausea, lack of appetite, horrid abdominal pain, fever, pain while urinating, and dehydration. They sent me to the ER after a test came back negative for a uti. Once I got to the hospital they told me not to eat or drink anything while waiting. When I got brought back they gave me a ct, it came back saying I had a 5cm abcess and diverticulitis, the abcess was not able to be drained. They never gave me any pain medication, they did not hook me up to iv fluids or antibiotics. They then sent me home with 2 antibiotics and vicadin for pain, and set told me to make an appointment with a GI so I did, he pushed on my stomach a couple times and took my temp said I was improving and to make another appointment so I did he then pushed on my stomach took my temp and said looks like its cleared up and said I need a colonoscopy in 6weeks so I went in for that, I encountered severe pain during it and they gave me pain meds I asked if that kinda pain was normal he said yes, he said I do have diverticula and have no signs of cancer see and ill see ya when you're 50 this was early January. He never drained the abcess he did not take a follow up ct and he had no bloodwork done, he based my recovery off of pain and temperature he said I do not Ned to think about surgery. March 14 I had the same symptoms wound up in the er ct revealed a smaller abcess then the first time they immediately hooked me to morphine and iv antibiotics the next day I had another ct and it wound up that it could be drained so they drained it, I was recovering but not fast enough they said I need surgery to remove part of my colon so march 30th I went to surgery the surgeon encountered problems such as fistula development which lead to me have 2ft of my small intestine removed and 18inches of colon. They could not reattach my colon right away so they did a temporary colostomy. I spent 30 days in the hospital and am unable to compete in judo tournaments which hampered me making the us paralympic judo team for 2012.

The standard care for an abcess of 5cm in size is drainage or surgery, did him deviating from the standard treatment cause the abcess to sit and cause issues such as fistula development and weakening of the colon causing a much more severe reaccurance, and fistula formation which made it impossible to do resection right away and causing me to have a colostomy? This is really buying me and I two like the negligence in my first er trip lead to major issues resulting in a temporary colostomy.