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    Default Use of Product During Surgery Despite Notification of Allergy

    My question involves medical malpractice in the state of: SC

    My wife had surgery yesterday. Two nurses (I presume) asked her about her allergic reactions. She advised that she was allergic to steri-stips (adhesive tape to cover incision). The nurses advised they would use the alternative. After the surgery, the incisions were covered with the steri-stips. Now, my wife's abdomen is swelled like a balloon. We will contact the doctor's office ASAP, however, I would like more advice. Thank you

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    Default Re: During Surgery: Doc Used Something My Wife Advised She Was Allergic to

    First, it must be determined if the swelling is a result from an allergic reaction to the strips or a result of the (unnamed) surgery. Then, unless there is some lasting effect due to the use of the strips, the injury would be negligible and generally not worth mounting some legal attack. The use of the strips should be addressed with the doctor and the hospital though.

    Given the swelling to a degree you suggest, I would suggest you contact the doctor immediately.

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    Default Re: Use of Product During Surgery Despite Notification of Allergy

    Generally even if you are severely allergic to steri strips, tapes etc., I have never seen a topical adhesive cause such a reaction. Usually they are very localized. Is everything ok now?

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