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    Default Getting Another Sentence While In Jail

    Can you get sentenced for another crime when you are already serving time in jail?

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    Default Maximizing your credit

    Yes. Many people who are serving time in jail attempt to get all other outstanding charges against themselves resolved while they are in jail, to take advantage of concurrent sentencing. It is a good idea to explore this option with a criminal defense attorney, who can speak to the likely results under the relevant facts and law.

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    It also will help you with the other charge, you can get a lot of time served. Check your local state rules and see how many days you get time served for being in jail after your arraignment. In Washington State, they give 3 days served for every day you spend in jail/prison.


    Oops: They will only give you the time served if you do it after your arraignment and before your trail.. Could be different in your state though, check it out.

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