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    Default Towed from Wrong Address

    My question involves towing laws for the State of: Virginia

    I parked my tuck in an abandoned "Alltel" lot (although building was not marked). I ate dinner at the restaurant next door. (50 feet away). The lot was marked Patrons but detailed no address. The sign in the surrounding lots noted addresses for patrons. Therefore, I wrongly assumed that it was intended for the restaurant.

    ...Vehicle gone when I returned from dinner...I saw it being towed away.

    Question: on the tow report it was noted that vehicle was towed from eg: 102 smith street, requested by alltel. Facts, Alltel is no longer an entity as it was bought out by verizon and has hence closed. When it was in operation i was a patron as i had my account with that company. Alltel could not request a tow because the building is abandoned. Furthermore, the tow sheet detailed that my vehicle was towed from 102 smith street but that is not the address for the alltel store. That address is 105 smith street. per the tow sheet i was actually towed from the parking lot where i was eating dinner. i have a receipt. techically i was a patron at that establishment at the time of the $120 tow plus 30 min taxi to get to their location. The restaurant did not request my tow as the manager stated that the tow company is a problem. He was happy to make a statement.

    Furtheremore, the tow truck driver told me that they do not tow everyone who parks there...only some of them...when I parked there was an old red honda parked in the lot. My silver 38k truck and other silver 38k truck were towed. Is this profiling? Reg honda was still in place when I came out of dinner. But I did not think to take a picture of that vehicle because I was not sure it that I could prove it was in place prior to my tow.

    Do i have a case in small claims court for a refund on my tow? I like many other people am not happy about the tow. Do you think that I can get this on a technicality? due to the fact that the individual detailed the wrong address on the tow form/non existant entity? I do not see how there can be a contract with alltel if it would actually be verizon or the building management company.

    Thank you for your thoughts.

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    Default Re: Towed from Wrong Address

    Whether Alltel still exists or not is immaterial. Somebody owns that building (be it Verizon or someone who was leasing it to Alltel, if this was a consumer phone store, then it's quite possible this was a leased property). Just because the building is vacant doesn't meant hey can't tow people parked there. The erro the paperwork mean squat. The only thing that matters is whether the owner, leasor, other person authorized to do so, authorized the towing company to remove cars from that lot.

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