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    Default Paypal Dispute

    Let me first start off by stating that I have 100% feedback on eBay on over 90 transactions.

    A buyer has claimed that he never recieved a package that I sent out and filed a complaint with Paypal. The buyer refused delivery confirmation, signature confirmation and/or shipping insurance.

    Paypal sided with the buyer because I did not have my receipt that I shipped the product and removed funds from my account and refunded the buyer, leaving my account negative.

    I refuse to pay the negative balance because I payed for the merchandise I sold, and then I have to pay for it again because my account is negative.

    I ask Paypal to prove to me that I didn't ship the product since in this country I am innocent until proven guilty. I also ask them what's to say the customer did recieve the product, lied and said he didn't to simply double dip and get the product and his money back.

    What should I do and can Paypal really do anything about this?

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    Default Re: Paypal dispute

    when you sign up for an acount & further use such account, you are agreeing to paypal's TOS. these can be found here.

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    With the USPS, a tracking number costs $0.50. If a buyer goes out of his way to deny any kind of tracking, then surprise them with tracking.

    Also, as a seller, you are responsible to do your best to ensure it gets to the buyer in the same condition it's in when you ship it. Things like tracking and insurance protect you because in a dispute you'll lose 99% of the time (especially with Paypal).

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    Default Re: Paypal dispute

    Delivery confirmation isn't for the buyer's protection - it's for the seller's protection.

    By chance, was the item you sold one of the items you are accused of stealing from your employer? I find some irony in your accusing somebody of stealing from you, and even more if it is an item that you confessed to stealing from your employer's inventory, even if you contend the confession to have been made "under pressure". Why don't you extend the buyer at least as much benefit of the doubt as you demand for yourself?

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    Default Re: Paypal dispute

    hahaha wow

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    Default Re: Paypal dispute

    Always.. Always... Always getting a tracking number of some kind. Then you have proof that it was delivered.

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