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    Default Requesting Redetermination or Appealing a Denial of Unemployment Benefits

    My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: Washington

    I started this job last July 2010 and they did this whole background, everything check thing prior to my offer. I cleared everything fine and was offered the job. In January, I was told that I would have to go through this Federal Security Clearance process to get clearance for the job that I would perform. However, that was never stated in the job description when I was hired. In February, I was pulled into the HR office with my new manager that was hired for 2 weeks prior to recommend that I either resign or be suspended and terminated. I've never been in any situation like that and thinking that a termination would negatively affect my future employment, I chose to resign.

    I am now in the process of requesting for redetermination or an appeal with this information. Do you think I can get unemployment benefits?

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    Default Re: Requesting Redetermination or Appealing a Denial of Unemployment Benefits

    Did you at any time lie about or misrepresent your background? Obviously you haven't told us what it was that prevented you from getting the security clearance, so we're not in a position to tell you how obvious (or non-obvious) it should have been to you that you would not qualify for one based upon your background. Obviously also, if you need a security clearance for a job you will undergo a background check. The fact that you resigned also complicates your eligibility - was that the basis of the denial? Or was it whatever showed up on your history, a finding that you lied in your application, or something else?

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