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    Default Whether to Adopt or Become a Guardian of Steppbrother and Sister

    My question involves guardianship in the State of: Legal Guardianship or Adoption.

    My mother passed away 11 years ago, my step father who has a health condition currently looks after the 2 kids aged 17 and 14 in Botswana. He is finding it difficult to maintain the kids.

    I am 27 and reside in the UK. Immigration laws are becoming tighter and tighter and proving harder for me to have the kids come and live with me.

    My step father is willing to give the kids to me but we are unsure which route to go on, which will hold more weight / which is less complicated to proceed with. Either Adopting or becoming a Legal guardian of the kids. The other question is can I adopt my brother if he turns 18?

    Thanks and regards

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    Default Re: Whether to Adopt or Become a Guardian of Steppbrother and Sister

    We only handle matters of US law here.

    You might try the folks over here.

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