My question involves defamation in the state of:
PA, son and friends fished for 2.5 months in neighbors pond with pond owners permission, catch and release only. Pond owner always stopped to see how they were doing, other neighbor could oversee entire property (From home on hill above, clarified boys were behaving, often talked with the boys himself) stated boys and pond owner often seen talking together at pond while boys fished.

Now pond owner stating to others, and overheard by my son and friend that, "they never asked permission to fish in his pond."

My son and his friend are very upset about this, as they asked permission several times and were given permission from this man several times.

They purchased bait from him each time they fished in his pond. They talked with him many times as they fished with no indication that the man had changed his mind and did not want them to fish there.

If they had not been given permission to fish there by this man, they are intelligent enough to obey and respect the pond owner's wishes and not fish there. We would have made sure that they followed his wishes as parents.

We believe these boys both have been slandered with this pond owners statements to others in this same fashion.

It will be their word against this pond owners with the other neighbor as a witness.

Is it advisable to seek civil action for slander or defamation for these young men?

(We believe this pond owner is retaliating against charges the State Police brought against his grand son for shooting at our house a few years back. We reported it, but pressed no charges. The police were the ones who pressed the charges because the young man was shooting across two state roadways, killing all the birds in his grandmother's bird feeder and hitting our house with the shot from his shotgun.)

Thank you.

Landowner NW PA