My question involves education law in the State of Maryland: I have been accepted into a nursing program in Fall 2009.I passed all my classes for that academic year. I saw my transcript say dismissed from current program. I did fall below a 2.5 with a 2.4 for the first time for spring semester. Per policy,I should have been put on probation. Per policy, dismissal occurs after three consecutive semesters of being below 2.5. I called the nursing department who sent me to registrar. I called registrar who sent me to the nursing department. In the summer, I was told that it usually corrects itself and not to worry. I was also told that the nursing committee review transcripts and correct any mistakes during the summer but nothing happened.

I could not take any nursing classes for the next academic year.10 classes to take towards my degree just nursing classes.Not considered a nursing student in 2010 because of the mistake on my transcript. I took online classes at the school for the academic year of 2010. I did not do well because of not being able to take my junior nursing classes for the 2010, losing apartment and finding three of my kids have autism. I stayed below 2.5 but was not considered a nursing student. They finally fixed my transcript a whole year later; however, they added the past academic year which I was not considered a nursing student. So now it has probation spring 2012, probation fall 2010 dismissed spring 2011.

I don't think that is fair at all when I was not allowed to take the nursing classes for the academic year of 2010 and was not even considered a nursing student. I feel that the last year shouldn't count towards my nursing progress because I was not considered a nursing student. I feel frustrated and fed up. I don't want to pursue anything at this school anymore. I want to know if I can sue the school because it was their mistake and I have documentation.