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    Default Suing Over Transcript Mistake

    My question involves education law in the State of Maryland: I have been accepted into a nursing program in Fall 2009.I passed all my classes for that academic year. I saw my transcript say dismissed from current program. I did fall below a 2.5 with a 2.4 for the first time for spring semester. Per policy,I should have been put on probation. Per policy, dismissal occurs after three consecutive semesters of being below 2.5. I called the nursing department who sent me to registrar. I called registrar who sent me to the nursing department. In the summer, I was told that it usually corrects itself and not to worry. I was also told that the nursing committee review transcripts and correct any mistakes during the summer but nothing happened.

    I could not take any nursing classes for the next academic year.10 classes to take towards my degree just nursing classes.Not considered a nursing student in 2010 because of the mistake on my transcript. I took online classes at the school for the academic year of 2010. I did not do well because of not being able to take my junior nursing classes for the 2010, losing apartment and finding three of my kids have autism. I stayed below 2.5 but was not considered a nursing student. They finally fixed my transcript a whole year later; however, they added the past academic year which I was not considered a nursing student. So now it has probation spring 2012, probation fall 2010 dismissed spring 2011.

    I don't think that is fair at all when I was not allowed to take the nursing classes for the academic year of 2010 and was not even considered a nursing student. I feel that the last year shouldn't count towards my nursing progress because I was not considered a nursing student. I feel frustrated and fed up. I don't want to pursue anything at this school anymore. I want to know if I can sue the school because it was their mistake and I have documentation.

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    Default Re: Suing Over Transcript Mistake

    I don't see a lawsuit in your future, I would hope you pursue another career too, because it looks like your not cut out for nursing.

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    Default Re: Suing Over Transcript Mistake

    How does it look like I am not cut out for nursing? What do you know about me and what I am cut out for other than what you have read in this post? The dismissal was an error that they corrected a year later. It seems like you are not cut out to answer this post. I was looking for professional and thought out responses. I would prefer you not reply; however, thank you for typing some words.

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    Default Re: Suing Over Transcript Mistake

    I read through your post twice.

    Are you saying the transcript was wrong or that the proper determination of your transcript shouldn't count because they are looking at grades accumulated during the time you were suspended from the nursing program?

    Did you not think these grades would count towards your eligibility? Why was that?

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    Default Re: Suing Over Transcript Mistake

    As I understand it the complaint is that based upon overall poor academic performance, even though she had only one semester during which her grades dropped below 2.5, she was dismissed from the nursing program. Then, when they were reviewing her complaint that her suspension was improper, she two additional semesters with a sub-2.5 GPA such that her dismissal was affirmed based upon her having three consecutive semesters with a GPA below 2.5. Now she is arguing that the second and third semesters shouldn't count against her enrollment in the nursing program because she was not technically a nursing student during her second sub-2.5 GPA semester. Whether or not that argument might hold water will depend upon the actual policies under discussion, which we have no ability to review. I suspect that the reinstatement was retroactive, such that she was technically a nursing student for all three sub-2.5 GPA semesters.

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    Default Re: Suing Over Transcript Mistake

    Thank you for your response Cyjeff. I was supposed to take Med/Surg and Pathophysiology for Fall of 2010. I could not because of their mistake of the dismissal in Spring 2009. I was told it would be corrected in a few weeks and nothing got fixed. After that I was told they have to correct the mistake before I could enroll in any more nursing courses. I was not considered a nursing student again until they made their corrections which was just last month. I have done all of my non nursing class and only had 10 nursing classes to complete. I took non nursing classes during the last academic year. If they are not liable for their mistake and the time frame for correcting the mistake then that's fine and I will walk away. But the last academic year, I was not considered a nursing student so I don't see how it's okay for them to include that time.

    Thank you for responding Mr Knowitall. So are you saying I don't have a case. I was doing well in the nursing program. I have taken 6 nursing courses and got 1 A, 4 B's and a C. I had non nursing classes as well. I only got a C in Micro. My point is I understand that I went below a 2.4 and was expected to have probation. Knowing I had only nursing classes and only med/surg and patho to take in the fall of 2009, I would be more on top of things with less classes. However their mistake stopped that from happening. I also understand that I am responsible for the last academic year when I decided to take classes that I don't need towards my degree because I could not take the classes I needed becuse of the schools error. But I figured I would be responsible as a non nursing student. If I dont have a case then I dont have a case. Thank you.

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