My question involves an auto loan or repossession in the State of: Washington.

My vehicle was voluntarily repossessed in June by the lienholder. I had been requesting they take possession of the vehicle since March 2011 when I purchased it used, but they said they couldn't until I'd had the car for at least 2 mos. with no payments made on the loan. Long story, but this is what I'm facing now... The car was towed from my residence by a towing co. the lienholder had hired. I was cooperative and had the car ready for them. Yesterday morning I rec'd a call from my auto insurer saying the lienholder/bank called them yesterday a.m. to file a claim against my auto insurance for damage to the car on the right rear passenger door. I was shocked! There was NO damage to the vehicle when it left my residence! The insurance rep said this happens a lot and that they would have an adjuster investigate, but that in all likelihood I would have to pay my $500 deductible and they would cover the "damage" on the claim made by the lienholder. I told the ins. rep. that I really hope they don't let the bank screw either of us... The car was in the exact same condition as when I purchased it. Any alledged damage to the body HAD to be incurred by the tow company. Unfortunately, I have no way to prove this myself... I never even thought about taking pic's of the vehicle or having any kind of form signed by the tow co. stating the condition of the car. I am NOT one of those people who trashed their car before it was repossessed... like damages to foreclosed homes you hear about. I am really, really upset. How, if possible, can I protect myself in this situation? It's bad enough I had to have the car repossessed (at my request), but this is just plain wrong... I am an honest person and I did NOT have any damage to the car... Any help/advice will be appreciated! Thank you.