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    Default Will My Record Show Up in an Annual Background Check

    My question involves a background check in the State of: New York

    Hi Guys

    I been stressing out for the past week and really need to know some exact answers cause my mind will drive me crazy =).

    8 Years ago I got arrested for something to be honest I don't even know what the exact charge was. I was at wrong time at the wrong place with the wrong people. Anyway I had 3 year probation and got off half for being good. I been working at my job for over 3 years now. When they hired me I didn't really fill out a application form since I was hired worth of mouth. Our company just got a contract to do some work in new building and they require some kind of safety training course to be able to work in building and it also says they do annual background check. I'm worried that if my past comes up that my currently employers might give me problems and cause me even more stress.. I was 18 and stupid now I'm 26 years old and been working ever since I was arrested and did the right thing. Now this past record always haunts me. 3 and half years ago I was looking for a new job and was told job was mine. Few weeks passed by and they said I had some kind of record in new york but they couldn't find out exactly what it is so the company told them it was identity theft. I called my public lawyer at that time and he said it wasn't a felony and it wasn't identity theft. It was something like having a forged document.

    Does anyone know what are the laws in new york for this.. I like my current job a lot and I'm their main service technician and if they find out about my old record I don't want them to think less or treat me different then.

    Thanks guys hopefully I can get sold solid answers and stop making scenarios in my head of what to do once they find out and what should I tell them.. Do I need to tell them exactly what happened and I don't know exactly what it will say on that report..

    Also since this annual background check isn't for a new job. Its just something a building does before we can do any work in it.


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    Your employer can ask permission to do a background check whenever they wish. You do not have to give them permission. They can fire you for not giving them permission.

    A criminal record will follow you. I recommend that if asked for permission, you have a very truthful conversation with your boss.

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    The state of NY has protections for ex convicts and is somewhat unique in that respect. So, as long as your crime is not correlated with your job (example, embezzlement could be considered related to an applicant in accounting, grand auto theft would be applicable if worked for a rental car place, drug abuse would relate if you wanted to work in a pharmacy... you get the idea) rejoice that you live in NY. Honesty with your employer however, is strongly advised because there is no protection for lying to your employer and hoping you don't get caught.

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    Default Re: Help

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