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    Default Disclosure of Shipping Costs

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Michigan

    I live overseas and recently ordered a swim float from a reputable company I have dealt with in the past (located in Michigan). The product cost $112.00. Shipping costs are not disclosed on their website. In the comments section of my June 16 order I stated that I needed the product by July 1 and asked for expedited shipping. I received an order confirmation but the shipping costs were not disclosed. On June 17, I received a notice that my order had shipped.

    On June 22, I received a notice that there had been trouble with my credit card and the charge had not gone through. I sent an e-mail resolving the issue. A few days later, I saw that my card had been charged over $400.00!! I assumed this was a mistake but the seller now e-mails me that that was the cost of the expedited shipping. It is now July 8, and I have still not received the swim float.

    Do I have any options here? In my previous transactions, the seller disclosed the shipping costs to me before shipping. In this case I had no idea the shipping cost would be THREE TIMES the cost of the product. Had I known, I would not have agreed to pay such an outrageous cost. The swim float is not large and can only weigh a couple of pounds at the most.

    Can anyone tell me if I have any legal basis to dispute this charge?

    Thank you very much for any help.

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    Default Re: Disclosure of Shipping Costs

    I have no way to identify the website, so I cannot comment on its shipping policies or the information on its website about the cost of expedited or international shipping.

    Presumably you have a tracking number for the merchandise, or can obtain one from the merchant if you have not yet done so. When you track the merchandise, what do you find out about its status?

    If I were to FedEx a five pound box from Michigan to continental Europe, I could easily pay well over $200 for three-day shipping. What shipping service have you identified that will offer cheap expedited shipping from the U.S. to your nation?

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    Default Re: Disclosure of Shipping Costs

    Thank you for responding to my posting.

    The package weighed 2.9 lbs.

    The only information the website gives regarding shipping is that the minimum cost is $10 and that the cost will be determined by location, zip code, etc... Nothing else.

    I have never obtained quotes from any service for shipping from the US to my home here. I previously ordered the same product a few weeks before Christmas and asked for it to be delivered by Christmas Day (it wasn't) and paid $60 in shipping charges which was disclosed to me prior to shipping. So I guess I expected something similar this time.

    I obtained a tracking numer and UPS says the address was incorrect (I checked and I definitely provided the correct address). So the product has been sitting in their wharehouse and it looks like it might have been returned today. (I tried calling but it is now after business hours.)

    My main question is whether the company has an obligation to disclose the shipping costs prior to shipping?

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    Default Re: Disclosure of Shipping Costs

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    My main question is whether the company has an obligation to disclose the shipping costs prior to shipping?
    Not unless it is stated they will in their website or you ask and refuse to place the order without that information.

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