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    Question Can I Get Non-Refundable Deposit Back from College

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of:Missouri
    I paid a deposit of $300 to a college for a dorm. They called me a few weeks later saying they overbooked and didnt have a dorm. I was put on a waiting list but they said they couldnt gurantee a dorm. I got an apartment and signed a lease there to make sure I could attend school when it started. They then called and said they had a dorm but I had already signed a lease for apartment. They said I couldnt get my dorm deposit back because I chose to live off campus. It doesnt seem fair because I had to get an apartment because they overbooked. Do you think theres any way I could get it back?

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    Default Re: Can I Get Non-Refundable Deposit Back from College

    I cannot read the contract you signed from where I'm sitting, so I don't know if you gave up your chance of a refund when you chose not to cancel before space was offered. Fill us in - what does your contract say?

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