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    Default Legally Blind Minor Held in Juvenile Detention

    My friend is 17 and he is Juvi and me and his mother are very worried about him because in the state of ohio he is legally blind. He recieves social security for it and has papers to prove it.

    We are wondering what is there that we can do to get him out of there atleast if it is on house arrest just until his next court date becuase he keeps calling us and telling us that people are trying to beet him up and becuase he cant see it is a little bit dificult to defend him self.

    He has tried to tell the staff and they are just not helping him anything! in the state of ohio what is it that his mother can to protect him from getting hurt in there?

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    Default Re: Legally Blind Minor Held in Juvenile Detention

    People with physical and mental disabilities can be incarcerated. If he can't bond out, presumably he's facing serious charges.

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