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    Default Injured on First Day of Work, Masshealth Not Approving and Emergency Room Denied

    My question involves workers compensation law for the state of: Massachusetts.
    I have been injured my first day of work with a Umbilical Hernia. I reported it to my supervisor and was sent home and terminated. I have went to the Local Hospitals Emergency Room and was not given any care because i have no health coverage. I applied for Masshealth and 3 months later nothing. I also wrote on my Masshealth application that i was injured and needed a operation. So 3 months later i have no income cant work because of injury and have no health care to get my opperation.
    I have also did research to find out a Umbilical Hernia can be life threatening if blocks the intestines and cutts of blood flow which would result in a life threatening infection.

    My questions are can i get Workmens Comp and can i get a lawsuit out on the hospital for denieing me and a lawsuit out on Masshealth?
    Thank you so much.

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    Default Re: Injured on First Day of Work, Masshealth Not Approving and Emergency Room Denied

    There is a difference between a work-related injury and an injury that simply happens at work. If you suffered the hernia while lifting heavy objects for your job, that's one thing; if this was a consequence of chronic obesity and you were simply warming a chair, that's another. If you want to try to get worker's comp, make your claim and see what worker's comp decides.

    If it has been three months since you were denied treatment at the E.R., and you still have not received treatment yet have suffered no further adverse consequences, I don't see how you are going to be able to prove that you were not medically stable wen you were denied treatment.

    You either qualify for MassHealth or you don't, and I expect that they have a huge stack of applications to work through. They're not liable to you merely because they're not giving you free health care as quickly as you would like.

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