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    Default Guardianship of a Child in Mississippi

    My question involves guardianship in the State of: Mississippi
    My daughter has asked us to take custody of our granddaughter until she can get her life in order. We would like to get this resolved quickly so as to be able to get my granddaughter registered for school and added to our insurance. The biggest obstacle is the outrageous fee that lawyers want to charge to file the papers. I need to know if there is a way to file the papers myself and where to find the documents.

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    Default Re: Guardianship of a Child in Mississippi

    I don't see any source of documents online. Check with the chancery court for your county to see if standard petition forms are available. If not, check the county law library or an area law school library for a practitioner's guide to family law or guardianship matters for your state, as such a guide will typically include standard forms.

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    Default Re: Guardianship of a Child in Mississippi

    We also have guardianship of our grandson and after several months the mother calls and tells us she only wanted it to be temporary. What are our rights and do we need to get another attorney? The guardianship was signed off by the judge in March 2011.

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